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Protect Yourself against Online Identity Theft

An emerging area of risk in Ireland of which we all need to be aware is Online Identity Theft. Identity theft is increasingly a problem where transfers of funds between bank accounts is concerned. For Donal T. Ryan Solicitors LLP, we are particularly concerned that our clients should not fall foul of these cyber criminals […]

What is “proper provision” in a family law case?

What is “proper provision” in a family law case? When a couple separate or divorce the most frequently asked question posed to a family law lawyer, is what am I entitled to?   The simple answer is a settlement be it by agreement or imposed by Court, that achieves proper provision. Proper provision is achieved by […]

Consumer Contracts Bill

This issue of insurance reform is a current topic of discussion. This Consumer Contracts Bill is currently making it ways through the Houses of the Oireachtas. It was hoped to that it would become law in 2020, however the talk of a general election might delay its finalisation. The law aims to make it more […]

Family Law Act 2019 – What is new? – UPDATED

Divorce was first introduced to Ireland in 1996, and the criteria for divorce were set out in the Constitution and replicated in the Family law (Divorce) Act 1996. It was necessary for the Circuit or High Court to be satisfied that the parties were at the date of commencement of proceedings,” living apart” for at […]

Sole Trader -v- Company – which is best?

One of the many aspects a business owner needs to consider is how to legally structure the operation. For the small business the choice is usually between being a sole trader and operating through a limited Company. Broadly speaking three aspects should be considered – Legal, Accounting and Taxation. Legal From a lawyer’s perspective the […]

Dog Owners and the Worrying of Sheep

There have been a number of high profile cases involving dogs and the implications of straying dogs on sheep in countryside. The Control of Dogs Act 1986, as amended by the Control of Dogs (Amendment) Act 1992, sets out the rules pertaining to liability for dog owners for damage caused by dogs. Section 9(2) of […]

Hidden costs when buying a new home

Are you a first time buyer and thinking of making your first purchase soon? You might want to consider the costs which will arise so that you can ensure to budget wisely for when the important day comes! Read below for some things to consider. Most people are aware of the additional costs when buying […]